Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming Client Magazine exclusive interview with Marilyn:

“It ‘s been a pleasure to meet and work with you Mister Marilyn. You’ve been there, done it and bought the t-shirt – at least twice. With all your life experience, how does it feel to be thrust back into the public eye after all this time?

It’s an interesting journey, but being thrust into the public eye just means you’re meeting more people and exchanging ideas, which is a process that I love. I get to be creative and to shine, which is my purpose on this planet.

More than just a chart topper – you’ve been called a pop icon, fashion icon and gay icon. Do these labels mean anything to you?

Yeah, it does. It’s like a symbiotic exchange and that means something. If people tell you that you mean something to them and then they give you the reasons why, that’s a great feeling and, to have that, to actually stand for something for someone, means a great deal to me.

I know you’ve worked with some of the biggest designers in history. Would you ever consider doing more of that type of work?

I’ve worked with some amazing designers and I’ve been lucky enough to pick and choose who I’ve worked for and what I’ve done with them (Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier) I’ve done runway shows all around the world and it’s another element to performing, which I love…

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