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Sara Cox chats to Marilyn

Catch up with Sara Cox’s and Marilyn chatting about his pop career and his eventful time in the 80s limelight.

Marilyn, an icon since his extremely influential days in the New Romantic scene of the 80s, has unveiled his brand new single ‘Love or Money’. As a champion for self-expression, Marilyn had a great impact on society and paved the way for many. He challenged people’s ideas of gender as a man of incredible beauty, looking every bit as good dressed in women’s clothes as his idol Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn explains,

‘I used to bring Oxford Street to a standstill. If you had bleached hair in the late 70s, you were gobbed at in the street. I mean, I was also wearing a corset, stilettos and an Anthony Price dress. I just didn’t care.’

Alongside David Bowie and Boy George, Marilyn and Co. were recognised as being the vanguards of non-gender specific fashion. Marilyn modelled for designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier. A regular at ‘The Blitz’ nightclub run by Steve Strange of Visage, the club was the go-to venue for Spandau Ballet, Boy George and many others from the burgeoning New Romantic scene.

Twenty years later, Marilyn is back and better than ever.